The Neilson Clan

The Neilson Clan

Thursday, November 26, 2009

newest addition to our family...kingsley

this is our new 3 week old dog, kingsley. He is a fearsome beast! I was real excited to get him until 2 days before we actually picked him up. I came to the realization that not only would I be cleaning two human baby diapers but I would be cleaning up this baby dogs excrement as well!!!! oh, heck no! But then he looks at me with those beedy blue eyes and I can't help but bag it anyway! HEE HEE.

long awaited pics of the kids

These two critters keep me on my toes! I swear all I do is run around after them and then stop for a minute to whipe their snot filled noses. They are sick again!!!! If there is an all encompassing immunization shot for every cold known to man, sign them up, i want it.