The Neilson Clan

The Neilson Clan

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love takes us back where we belong...yeah, the instacare!

Even though, Logan has called off work the past 3 days due to illness and Jude has had never ending green treasures falling from his nose, i was determined to have a good Valentine's Day. To his dismay, I made Logan take me to dinner. I have been stuck at home taking care of a sick baby for two weeks, I am large with child and sick myself, i either needed a strong drink and cigarette or just to get out of the house, so we did just that! We got out of the house, no strong drink and cigarette.

Nothing says amore like a nice, Italian dinner! We had mexican though but it was good, too. We went to Ricardo's . I'll tell you that place was hoppin!

Who cares if none of us at the table could taste our food, we weren't going to let a highly, contagious virus get us down. We had a pretty good time. I ate like a pig, Logan sat around lethargic looking like he wanted to die, and Jude enjoyed the mariachi band! Overall, i would say dinner was a hit.

Next, Logan started feeling so crappy, we got our check and went to the instacare!

It was closed but you can bet we will be there first thing in the morning! We decided to take our Valentine's Day Party elsewhere.

On the way home, Logan and I started to think that Jude didn't feel up to partying anymore.

He got his party fix watching the mariachi band. They really were impressive!

One partier down!

Next, we get home,I feed Jude his medicine, put him in his jammies, get him in bed and then I get ready to watch a fun movie or do something and to my shock and horror, the second partier down! Oh, come on!! Poetically orchestrated swear words were going through my mind. Logan made a few calls to some people and then felt the urge to try and sleep since he hadn't had any for the passed 48 hours. Although he has resembled Ren and Stimpy w/ his bloodshot eyes for the past 24 hours, at this point he was beginning to feel like them too.

And so,i am the lone partier blogging my sad story! Happy Freaking Valentine's Day!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is in the air, along with croup and viral infection, Yeah!!

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day. In fact, I hope your holiday has had such an excess of greatness to it that you can honestly say you enjoyed my portion of it too. My Valentine's day was something else! The Neilson's here are all sick. My whole family looks as if we are literally knocking down death's door! Jude has had croup for the second time in a month and a half, poor little guy, and now has a respiratory infection, as well as, Logan and myself. By tomorrow, all of us will have been on some form of antibiotic!This passed week has been filled with a myriad of coughs, sneezing and self medicating. We've had an uncomfortable and yet symphonic ambiance of bodily functions ringing throughout our house all week! It may not be beautiful however, it has brought me to tears.

It was thoughtful, not professional!

Sick or not, today i awoke determined to make Valentines day fun! Growing up, my mom always made Valentines day special. Along with the newly hung decorations, she used to make us huge sugar cookies with our names written across the pink, sugar frosting. They are a diabetics dream... or nightmare! I did not venture to make my family's Valentine's day that special but in rising up our Holiday spirit I made these cards for Logan and Jude. I will confess, i am not the craftiest person. They may look like a recovering stroke victim made them however, i proudly admit it was I that did all the work and I must say, those cards were time bandits! A lot of time, blood(ok, not oozing blood but i really did get a paper cut), sweat and tears went into those damn things! Everything said and done, I am glad that I made them instead of purchasing them this year! Logan said it was the best card he has ever received. In fact, he said that it is the "not so perfect" gifts that have the most thought and character put into them. yeah... i was a little offended by that too but I know what he was getting at and he was trying to be nice. Just kidding, i was not offended. The cards were well received.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Logan has taken over

Logan likes to show all his little girlies at work pictures of the family. Therefore, this blog is more of a photo album than a real blog. Sorry if you get sick of lookin at my mug!

random pics posted by Logan

random pics posted by Logan 1