The Neilson Clan

The Neilson Clan

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jude's a bit of a narcissist!

Jude has figured out how to take his own picture and now he does it all the time. I had about 25 unexpected pictures of him on my camera the other day. Amongst those pictures, they included pictures of his legs, arms and an occasional face shot. He just can't get enough of himself!!

Temple square w/ the kids

pumpkin patch w/ most of the cousins

my kids

Sunday, August 29, 2010

the smallest bambino

my smallest bambino

Yes it is true, I had my third child last week. Her name is Shannon and she was indeed a heavy weight. I love this little girl so much. She really is the sweetest thing. Jude is very excited about her. In fact, he had to call his auntie(hillary) and explain to her that he has "another one". He was meaning he has another sister but he just kept saying he has another one. Cute. Jacqueline is excited too I think. She lights up and says, "baby"! I don't think she understands but they have both been pretty good about it.
My delivery was a c-section and the drugs that they gave me put me to sleep. It was kind of crazy. When I finally woke up and came too, i was still pretty out of it and when Logan handed her off to me, I kept saying adamantly, "log, that is not our baby, they gave us the wrong baby". He was getting a little frustrated with me as he had to explain to me that indeed she was ours and that there was not mix up. My nurse was also getting irritated with me because I was constantly apologizing for saying inappropriate things, she kept having to assure me that I did not say anything inappropriate. I don't know what they put in my IV but I was a mess! :) Shannon doesn't look like either of my other children and she has the fullest head of black hair, i was convinced that she was not mine. Either way, I was taking her home though, she is so sweet.
anyway, enjoy the pics!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Maria's photoshoot w/ my children

One of my greatest friends, maria took my children's pictures on Jacqueline's first birthday. Her photography is awesome and she was just voted the number one photographer in Utah County!! You go girl!! Her link is Anyway, I love how my kids pictures came out, thanks Maria!

maria's photoshoot w/ my children cont..

Maria's photoshoot w/ my children

Friday, July 16, 2010

And he tried so hard to look happy!!!

How do you put up with a child like that?!! Goodness gracious!!!